Can I at least have a male friend who is very honest, open , reliable and close with no strings attached? A guy who can serve as a brother, mentor friend and I mean it, just a friend who shares same ideas, thoughts and interests at same time? Someone I can speak to anytime need arises, chat with, count on or approach for advises without expecting anything in return from me?

I’ve come to realize one thing; I meet guys and I meet lots of them. Sometimes I come across guys who seem to be caring, open, and share similar interests. some of them fit perfectly well as mentors I could approach in my entrepreneurial endeavours but in the end you come to realize after all the commitment you put in, he was looking for something. What’s it he’s looking for? Either seeking to date you or take you to bed.
Why should this be so?
Very often I find myself committing to some of these “friendships”, telling myself : ‘I’ve met a friend or a mentor now’. BUT NOPE!!      He’s seeking to achieve his own interests; which shouldn’t be the case.
Could someone at least tell me why?
Am so much confounded.



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