Marriage is a union, and that’s a fact. You two become one flesh and live together as husband and wife.Remember you no longer on your own. You’re now in an institution being managed by two people and you belong to each other. You guys are now the closest of friends and so you make and agree on decisions together. You make decisions as to what to eat, how to spend money, the number of children you gonna have, where to live, when and how to make love and a whole lot. Until children begin to flow in, everything depends on you two. Family members might come in along the way, but believe you me, they are just passers by. They may share experiences, guide you in certain situations, or even help in making decisions but mind you, they’re all meant to check/influence you two and not them. As a result, be careful whom you seek advice from, the decisions you make, the kind of words you use for each other. Open up, share your thoughts and ideas, move together, eat together, take a stroll/walk together and even share your household chores.These will spice up your marriage and make it romantic as well.

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