Ghanaian delicacy

Roasted plantain is a Ghanaian delicacy. Now, as the name suggests, its made out of neatly roasted ripped plantain and served with roasted groundnut as well. This is one of the cheapest, healthiest and most handy foods one can think of on a busy day. It is as well sold under locally manufactured tents by the roadside; hence the label: “the lay man’s food”. This picture depicts a typical joint to get your share. But hey, what’s unique and funny about this particular joint? Someone please tell me. The inscription? Maybe my guess could be right. I just couldn’t hide the expression on my face when I saw this seller going the extra mile to advertise her food which is hardly done. More grease.
But on the other hand, I couldn’t also stop imagining how many of us will be willing to serve roasted plantain on our wedding days. Maybe I should take pioneering role.
Think about it):

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