This post is in response to the several
questions about sex during menstruation. You will find these notes helpful.
•It is also very common for women to have
sexual desires during that time of the month
due to shoot in levels of hormones.
• Some women report that sex causes
menstruation to end sooner than usual. This is probably due to muscle spasms from orgasm, allowing menstrual blood to flow out quickly.
• A woman can get pregnant from having sex during her menses. This is likely if ovulation closely follows the end of menstruation.
• There’s also a higher risk of passing on sexually-transmitted infections from both partners. Use a condom!
• Sex can ease the discomfort and cramps associated with the period. Orgasmic contractions of the uterus offer a soothing internal massage. Natural painkillers calld endorphins are released to reduce cramps, depressions etc.
• Talk to your partner about sex during that time of the month. The decision to engage in it is solely dependent on how comfortable it is with both partners.
Dr. Manfred Kumah

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